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Data Center Incubator

When Results Matter

About Data Center Incubator​​

The Data Center Incubator is a specialized program situated in Tirat Carmel IT Hub. Tailored for early-stage startups, at MVP stage, the incubator is dedicated to addressing challenges within the Data Center space.

The program is designed to enrich participants' skills, experiences, and networks through a holistic approach, emphasizing deployment readiness with first adopters.

The program will offer its participants a rich syllabus of soft skills, such as startup management, team building and technology development as well as marketing, legal, financial and fundraising skills.

The program will engage its participants with mentors, design partners, first adopters and investors.

mentors in both technical and business aspects

Our Value Proposition

We aim to turn good ideas and entrepreneurs into disruptive technologies and ambitious startupers, supported by top of the line business and technical mentorship. Through our immersive program, startupers will grow their startups and develop technologies, to meet market needs and demands on a global scale.


About IT Hub

Tirat Carmel IT Hub is a regional

hi-tech center established and operated by the municipality for the purpose of promoting and supporting entrepreneurial activities of the city’s as well as surrounding cities residents, offering professional guidance and support, and a testing ground and acceleration of high-tech companies.

Partnering companies benefits:

•      First reach to innovative startups.

•      Cooperation in enrolling and engaging partner’s portfolio into the incubator as well as directly to our partners, as well as joint invitations to events such as investor’s meeting/demo day or relevant foreign delegations (in case of an
accelerator or incubator partner).

•      Sharing of leads and mentors by both parties.

•      Company logo and representatives mentioned in the Incubator PR from onboarding campaign till Demo Day of the program.

•       Logo appearing on the incubator landing page.

•      Offered a seat in the steering committee of the incubator and jury on Demo Day.

networking data center
Bulanık Mavi

Incubator Board Partners

The incubator is managed by

Mr. Tal Catran

Tech Innovation Expert

Keynote Speaker & Moderator

Ecosystems Builder

Startup & Accelerators Guru

Storytelling & Networking Savvy

Tal Catran - Israeli Keynote Speaker, Startup & Accelerators Guru



Our Benefits

free (1).png

Participation is free of charge and no equity is taken

network (3).png

Prominent partnering companies, offering mentoring and networking

network (2).png

Exclusive network of dedicated mentors in both technical and business aspects


Venture Capital screening and guidance for fundraising

access-control (1).png

Access to design partners and first adaptors


Perks and credits from our tech partners

Prerequisites for Admission:

•     A startup with technological or functional innovation at MVP stage.

•      A startup with full intellectual property rights for development and usage.

•      Ready to invest time and effort in developing the startup.

•      Residents of Haifa district- Preference.

venture capital screening startups
About Data Center Incubator​​

The program will focus on Data Center’s innovative technologies such as:

Energy Conservation & Storage

Energy Conservation & Storage

Optimizing data center operations for reduced energy consumption.

OT Cyber Security

Enhancing security measures for Operational Technology systems used in data centers.

OT Cyber Security
Heat Disposal & Reuse

Heat Disposal & Reuse

Developing innovative methods for managing the immense heat generated by data centers.

Robotic Guidance inside the Data Center

Integrating robotics for efficient data center maintenance and operations.

Data Center
 Condensed Infrastructure arrangement

Condensed Infrastructure arrangement

Designing compact and scalable data center infrastructure solutions.

Computing & Storage

Exploring advancements in computing and storage technologies specifically for data centers.

 Computing & Storage
Physical security & Surveillance technologies

Physical security & Surveillance technologies

Utilizing advanced security and surveillance tech to safeguard data centers and assets.

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